The revolution in film and television production management in Canada

Automate the compilation and analysis of the working hours of your film crews with the Setpad application specially designed for Quebec and Canadian audiovisual production sets

Speed, efficiency and simplicity: at the heart of the Setpad app

All our customers agree: Setpad has completely transformed the daily management of their teams and productions. Concretely, here's how we helped them.

Collaborative and intuitive
management of your teams

Avoid the back and forth, meet your deadlines and reduce your stress. See the hours worked by the entire production at a glance. With just one click,send the calculated timesheets to the entire team for approval. Get production reports automatically.

Automated timesheet

Save time, be more efficient, and limit the risk of errors. Penalties and union disputes can cost you big. Easily apply AQTIS and CQDGC rules, generate a custom schedule, and save a lot of time thanks to the automatic calculation of the Setpad app.

Eco-responsibility and paperless production management

Go digital and reduce your environmental footprint by eliminating paper from the equation: entry, calculation, sending, and approval of timesheets, contracts, remittances, and reports are entirely digitized. No more paper copies and courier shipments.

Setpad is an ally of many major production houses in Quebec

An asset for everyone in your team

Whatever your role, Setpad offers features that make your life easier.

For Production Managers

Real-time monitoring of your productions

The Setpad app automatically generates production reports that show you, in real-time and without the intervention of your accountant, the progress of your project.

In addition, the time spent by your management/logistics and coordination teams for time entry is greatly reduced.

For Production Accountants

Simplified and paperless management of payroll and timesheets

Easily and without having to contact several members of your team, quickly access all the data you need for payroll processing and accounting for the productions you manage, regardless of their size.

For Production Coordinators

Centralized management of your teams and their contracts

A paperless history is built up as you use the application: detailed employee files and contracts are centralized and can be retrieved from one production to another.

You can also easily manage your team lists, or export and import information from your existing databases.

For Unit Managers, Logistics and Art & Costume Department Coordinators

Simplification of your teams' time entries

Let the tool work for you with Setpad’s automation features that eliminate repetitive tasks and minimize manual input while allowing you to make adjustments for special cases as needed.

Did you know that using Setpad saves thousands of sheets of paper on during your productions?

In addition to being an eco-responsible gesture, going digital saves you money on office supplies, and eliminates travel for payroll, timesheet approval, and many other administrative tasks.

Setpad is a concrete way to reduce at source, and one more step in achieving your objectives of reducing your production’s ecological footprint.

Ready to optimize your production management?

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