Collaborative workspace

Save time by working in real-time with collaborators, on the same production

No more back and forth between your departments

Working in collaborative mode (with Plan Pro) allows the different departments to act simultaneously and in a complementary way to production management. Depending on the access and responsibilities granted by management, collaborators can view, enter and use data compiled by all collaborators.

Unified work processes

For example, speed up the payroll approval process by allowing the right people to have access to information directly on Setpad. The standardization of information makes it possible to interact on the same bases.

Keep control over your data

Tools make it possible to control the manipulation of data, for example the accountant can “bar” the week so that employees no longer change the working hours already entered in the application.

An overview of the status of your production

Indicators make it possible to see where the conformity of a contract is at or if the hours entered by a technician on his cell phone are approved by production. Same thing for the schedule (finalize)

Employee management
  • Add, remove or replace a collaborator
  • Invite by email
  • Invite collaborators with free account
  • Mass mailing to all employees
  • Activity Log
Access management
  • Granular access by production, department, team
  • Different levels of access (view, edit, administer)
  • Block data temporarily
  • Alerts when a collaborator changes data
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Setpad is an ally of many major production houses in Quebec

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